commercial alarm systems sydney

Collab Tech is one of Sydney's leading business and home security providers.

Our systems can be integrated Collab Tech install intrusion detection systems for all styles of commercial and domestic properties. From a standard home alarm with perimeter protection and infared sensors to commercial properties with glass break protection and links to Access control, we can design and install.

While we provide and install many different alarm systems, we will use the one that is customized to suit you and your lifestyle. Collab Alarm systems are comprised of the following components:

  • Panel - the "brains" of the system
  • Keypad - where you enter your codes
  • Motion detectors - There are two types of detectors, they are PIR's (Passive Infra Red) or Dual Techs. PIRs detect heat change in the enviroment. Dual Techs detect heat and movement, which reduces the chance of a false alarm.
  • External and Internal sirens - External sirens have a blue strobe light which continues to flash until you return to the premises to indicate to you that there as been an alarm. The siren sounds for 5 minutes and then will automatically reset. It will reactivate if any more movement is detected. Internal sirens will sound as well at a level of 120 decibels which makes it extremely difficult for an intruder to stay inside the premises for more than a few minutes.
Other items can be added such as: 

Smoke alarms

Be alerted about a possible fire. These systems are interfaced with the alarm system and therefore do not need batteries to be changed. These will also protect you and your family 24/7 365 days a year regardless of whether the alarm system is switched on or off! 

Pet detectors 

These detectors have been designed for owners who have their pets inside when they arm the system. These detectors have the technology to distinguish between small animals and intruders. 

Remote keyfobs

At the touch of a button you can arm or disarm your alarm as you drive in or out of your garage. You can also control the raising and lowering of your garage door as well. Also you can activate a panic alarm, which will send a signal to the control room, who in turn will alert the police. However all components of an alarm system can be customised to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.