commercial intercoms systems sydney

Intercom systems are a safe way to identify who is at your door or gate without you physically having to be there.

Intercoms can be either video + audio, or just audio. They can be expanded to include multiple doors and multiple monitoring stations, too!
We use a large range of intercom brands, this allows us to tailor to meet everyone's needs. Starting from your basic front door station to handset audio only system to the multi station colour video with pan tilt function (able to move the camera up/down and side to side from the controls on the handset) for optimum camera operation including picture memory for those visitors that call when your not at home or in your business.

Intercom systems can also be integrated with other security products such as CCTV and automatic gate systems to provide an additional level of protection to you and your property. For larger applications eg. buildings, complexes or resorts in Sydney or the NSW region, we can incorporate the commercial intercom system with access control security systems, security alarms, CCTV, lift controllers or whatever is required for that specific site.

Commercial needs

An intercom system can be highly effective for businesses. Not only do they provide security and protection, they can also streamline communication in the workplace, and therefore improve efficiency. Intercoms can be especially valuable in large or noisy buildings, such as factories, when you need to get an important or urgent message to a lot of people immediately.
Intercoms offer security and convenience for your family and business. Collab Tech guarantees quality intercom systems and professional service for residential and commercial properties in Sydney and all of the NSW region.